Aurora Consurgens Aurora Consurgens

Valise diplomatique, FIAM/WISM,Shenyang, 2010.



Matter, Energy and Information...If matter results of a frozen state of function wave collapse (quantum physics), and if the same phenomenon also occurs at the rise of consciousness within the neuronal microtubules structures (quantic spirit theory), the distinction between body and spirit become obsolete...On the same time, the notion of “body”, varies from a cultural tradition to another, expanding both its nature and attributes to physical shapes...We actually commonly consider us living in the fourth dimension (3D + time)...From a fundamental point of view, could we now consider the coexistence of 17 (or more) dimensions?...And how could we consider up to 17 (or more) “bodies” in relation of N supplementary dimensions?

Consciousness (Information) is not only the combined result of Matter and Energy, but also a transmutative medium/interface at the threshold of these two states...Information (Consciousness) could be represented like an infra-thin state of that level transmission interface between matter and energy.


Embodiment of Humankind’s “inner worlds”and “outer times”(psycho-geographies, traditional invisible worlds, astral levels, dreamtime, collective thoughts, akashic archives, mystical and shamanic landscapes, etc..), are actually emerging trough our Information and Communication Technologies...This phenomenon could be called the extra- materialization of our Cognitive Conglomerates trough the ICT.


In this vision, the technological tool (object) is commonly considered in human evolution, like the extension of body and consciousness. On a more global point of view, all living beings in their biological and psychic counterparts could be conceived like the material, energetical and informative extension of a immanent state of being...Our technologies actually only accelerate this embodiment process.


Solve et Coagula...Embodiment of Cognitive Conglomerates (Coagula) and De-materialization of the R eal (Solve)...Vitrtualization of Information and Communication support, from electronic and photonic era to non-local type of data transmission. Non-local (beyond 2nd law of thermodynamics) type of data calculation and data transfer will bypass Bremermann’s limit (2.56 x 1050 bits per second per kilogram), and will meet the actual states of communication encountered in living organic systems at nano and macroscopic scales (non-local quantic DNA communication and non-local communication on Consciousness emerging process...Embodiment of Cognitive Conglomerates will incline to a Technological translation (extension of body, thoughts and desires) of multidimensional coexistent states of Reality...This opposite but complementary processes of Coagulation and Dissolution of Reality question two coexistent points of view: Matter, on its frozen function wave collapse state (quantum physics), is an illusion, a “spirit” point of view. Matter tends to virtualize...Consciousness, in an extended corporality perception, question the notion of Embodiment, its multi and co- existent states, its interconnectivity, and its multi locality...Consciousness, that could be conceived like a multi- layered deployer of Reality (role of the observer in quantum mechanics and enhancement of Multiverse at each function wave collapse), tends to materialize.


Convergence of Technological Singularity...On our actual state of evolution, at some point on a theoretical point on a cyclic model of Materialization (Embodiment) and Dematerialization (Enlightenment), we could consider that the ultimate limit of our ICT development (Omega Technologic Point), will see the rise os a Self-Conscious, Self-Replicant and “omniscient” Artificial Intelligence...This critical event will provoke a paradigmatic shift in relation with the nature of Consciousness and its support.